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Life Healing Therapy

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What can be healed from this therapy?

Unstable love, health problems, economical obstacles, self-conflicting, unhappy life, and more.

Let us know if you have any other issues that you need to be healed.

Important to know

Our subconscious mind is restoring everything and the most powerful memories are negative, traumatic, distressing, and anger which reflecting in sickness, broken love, unhappy life, etc.

Chalika possesses a gifted that she uses to see the past events of others. Her mind travels beyond the limit of time. She can see life events when the participant was young or in his/her past lives. No prior info is needed before starting the session.

It is highly recommended that the participant continues practicing meditation and self-hypnosis for long term healing and transformation.

What does the session consist of?

Past life investigation

Finding a connection between the past and the present

Soothing the negative memories from the subconscious mind

Building the new empower message and pictures to the subconscious mind

Recorded personalized meditation and hypnosis audio will be provided via email or WhatsApp after the session.

Life Healing Therapy Price: USD$590

What is all included?

  • Past Lives Reading
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Personalized Transformational Recording (15-20 min recording for you to listen to for the next 21 days in order to make a lasting change)

Duration: 2 hours approx.

Past Lives Therapy Price: USD$300

What is all included?

  • Past Lives Reading
  • Karma liberation and Visualization

Duration: 1 hour approx.