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Our mind is so powerful. What we believe, we become!

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Past Lives Therapy

It is not about forgetting the past but overcoming it. Our personality, state of health and well-being, financial status, and relationship, are influenced by our thoughts, beliefs, and past experiences.
If those are negative ones, they will reflect negatively on some aspects of your life.
We need to unlearn before we relearn a new positive and mindful way of thinking to shift ourselves to be our best version.

Reprogram the Mind

To create a life that we wish for, it is necessary to change the program that has functioned in your mind. The brand new technological device with an old software program will not be compatible. In the same way, if we want to have a life which is full of happiness, health, success, and wealth, we need to reprogram our mind to be compatible with our dream life.

Chalika Noonin & Aldo Pfeiffer

Co-founders of Vive Arokaya

Our purpose is to accompany you to a journey of your life’s transformation. We help people to restore their body and mind, gain their energy and confident, strengthen their relationship, become mother, live purposeful life, and more.

We believe that happiness is not to look for from outside, it is within us. Changing from within is a permanent and effective transformation. Everyone is capable to practice and build our healthy and blissful life. You can have it all.

And we are here to guide you and walk along with you!

Learn more about Chalika

Whenever I travel with my mind to see the lives of other people, it’s always amazed me. I’ve learned, grown-up, and mastered my mind deeper to help many people since 2013 with Past Life Therapy. Many lives have been changed and transformed into a wonderful one.

I am always thankful to be born as a Buddhist in Thailand and had an invaluable chance to practice meditation since I was 11 years old. Now it’s more than 30 years of practicing and over 10 years of teaching meditation, I can firmly say that it is the best gift that one can do for their lives!

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Learn more about Aldo

Many people ask me how I become an instructor & hypnotherapist if I am an engineer?
In short terms, I got my professional degree as an Electronic Engineer (Santiago of Chile). I won a scholarship in Japan and during my stay, I met Chalika Noonin, who transformed my life.
I become an instructor of traditional Thai massage and meditation, I began to empower my gifts and heal my own illnesses using my mind.
Today, I am merging my passions, gifts, and dreams into a common goal – HELP OTHERS.

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