I empower people’s minds and TRANSFORM their lives.

“What you think, you become.

What you feel, you attract.

What you imagine, you create.”

― Buddha

Life Healing Therapy

The powerful therapy that unblocks you from fear, sickness, hardship, and unmeaningful life. Then, to reconstruct a new you who is powerful, healthy, and extraordinary. Are you ready to transform your life? There are some techniques that are used in this special therapy; past lives reading, hypnosis, visualization, and meditation.

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Mind Power for Healing Workshop is coming soon on December 19th, 2020. You will learn how your mind can heal you and we will guide you with meditation so that you can reach key levels of consciousness to sharpen your mind, relax, and begin self-healing.

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Past Lives Therapy

With deep meditation, I can connect and see the past lives of people. And that helps me to see their Karma and the connection of their past with their present. The objective of this therapy is to liberate you from your past blockages.

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The Messeges of Gratitude

«I took this therapy because I had unpleasant feelings in my life. Although I have never had sleep problems, I could not rest because my nights were accompanied by many nightmares and some woke me up in horror, this never made sense to me, but it is something that I normalized because it happened to me since I was a child, which at the same time It provoked fears in the day to day that I could not understand.

The therapy was very revealing and although it was very strong and I felt all the information that came to me automatically, I understood that absolutely everything has a reason in our lives. From that day on I had a before and after. In an almost magical way, my nightmares ended.

The love and dedication with which Chalika connected with me was a balm for my heart and managed to lift a giant weight from me.

I am still with my healing process but without a doubt, it is changing my life in a wonderful way and I am sure that even better things are coming.

Thanks Chalika and Aldo Pfeiffer. Thanks, Arokaya.»

– Leonor Cuevas

<<Sometimes we don’t understand where our fears, feelings, or concerns come from. However, past life therapy gave me the opportunity to look beyond and recognize the origin of situations. Simply observing was liberating and healing at the same time.>>

– María Isabel Castro

<<It was a unique, warm, loving, and wisdom-filled experience that led me to connect with the depths of my being, to bring messages and essential learning from my other lives.>>

– Gabriela Velozo

“For me, the Past Life therapy was very healing, I was able to comprehend and understand my suffering, and by doing meditation I have freed myself from the darkness of my soul.
Today I completely live my life differently, I have a lot of peace and tranquility, the torment passed. I am very happy.

Thank you very much Chalika Noonin. Gratitude to the Universe for putting you in my way. »

– Ana Isabel

«A couple of years ago I was in a situation that caused me a lot of sadness. I took a session of past life therapy looking for answers and it was my great surprise to know that my problem did not originate in this life but a past life. After I understood the origin of my emotion, magically everything was solved. I feel that my life returned to the path that it had traced and that makes me very happy.
Thanks to ViveArokaya and especially to Chalika for healing and putting her gifts to help others.»

– Viviana Santis

“It was a very revealing experience because I did not know what I was going to find, although there was curiosity, the result influenced a lot with certain behaviors that I wanted to work on. Without saying many words, the connection that was generated with Chalika gave way to open on these issues. She also showed me why certain situations in my daily life did not work. In my case, the issues to be discussed were insecurity and shyness, two personalities were dominating me. After the session, Chalika ended gave me some tips on how to address these issues and face them under a spiritual gaze and this motivated me to continue growing as a person. I will be eternally grateful to Chalika and Aldo for this noble work that they carry out and deliver with so much love.”

– Giorgio Malatesta